Can Gio Mangrove Forest – One Day Escape

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‘If you are interested in nature and wild animals, Can Gio – Vam Sat, a sustainable biosphere reserve and mangrove forest with around 200 fauna species and 50 flora species, is the right choice for you. Main activities offered are boat ride into the mangrove forest where is the territory of fruit bats, visit to monkey island, and if it’s bird breeding period (normally from November to May) you will walk to the bird reserve area, visit crocodile lake, and so on.

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You are picked up at hotel lobby and drive around 70km south-east to Can Gio in approximate 1.5 hour. When reach the place, you will have boat trip along the river and enter living area of bats. Then walk into bird reservation area to walk up to watchtower for bird observation. You will have chance to spot thousands birds. After lunch at restaurant, you will walk to Crocodile Lake to learn more about this animal, and detect wild moneys appearing at the forest’s edge. Finish our day tour and drive back to Ho Chi Minh City with great memories.

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  • Tour schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • If you travel during the period from April to October when is not bird breeding season but with highest heat and longest sun hours during the day, we will replace bird observation with salt making visit to learn how local people make salt.
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Tour inclusion:

  • Air-conditioned transfer
  • Enthusiastic and professional English speaking tour guide
  • Boat trip indicated in program
  • Entrance fees
  • A lunch at local restaurant
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  • Beverage, tips and gratuities
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