Four must-see waterfalls in Laos


Waterfalls are abundant in the nation of Laos. However, your Laos Tours can be complete without having a satisfying view of these wonders of nature. Some of these waterfalls double as swimming pools, but you should be sure to show some respect to local culture when you are there on holiday. Here is a roundup list of 4 of the most amazing waterfalls to see when in Laos:

Khone Pha Pheng and Tat Somphamit waterfalls


This waterfall is located in Champasak province in southern Laos, on Si Phan Don – the region of 4000 Islands, toward frontier area with Cambodia. The descended Khone Pha Pheng is the most grandiose waterfall among ones located along Mekong River flow. If coming at the right time, you will have some luck and see rainbow over the waterfalls. To the north of Si Phan Don, there is another one call Don Khon Islan. From here, visitors can observe the fresh Irrawaddy dolphins and visit the picturesque gigantic Tat Somphamit or Li Phi Waterfall.

Kuang Si waterfalls


Tat Kuang Si is an emerald waterfall formed by layered pools of cool water leading up to a 50m vertical fall from the peak. Kuang Si Waterfalls nestle itself in a greenish jungle with pleasant trekking. In the same scale, there is a Bear rescue center to learn about the endangered bear species as well as the work to create a home for them. Kuang Si waterfalls should be a must and included in your a-life-time Laos Tours.

Tad Fane Waterfalls


Following the dirt trail to big loop on Bolaven Plateau over 1,00m elevation, there is a chance to admire the:

  • Wild jungle
  • Coffee plantation
  • Wild nature
  • Especially, Tad Fane Twin Waterfalls. Throwing themselves deep down to 100m that the gorge is lost to view.

Flying to Pakse, you can take a day trip to Champasak with motorbike. Otherwise, jump on a Jeep and delve into the adventure with hazardous bypath sometimes.

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