Mekong Delta – One Day Exploration

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Mekong delta long-tail boat trip offers you exciting ride along the mighty Mekong for tranquil landscape and interesting interact with locals in southern part of Vietnam with visits to canals, floating village, subtropical fruit orchids, local house remaining traditional job and other typical living styles. Mekong River begins in the Lasagongma Spring in the plateaus of Tibet (China) winding through 4 more countries and Vietnam is the last terminal of the flow with rich fertile for country’s agriculture that make biggest productivities of rice as well as other agricultural goods in Vietnam.

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Pick up from your hotel in city center then transfer out of Ho Chi Minh City toward the south by air- conditioned coach. You will have a chance to see the countryside landscape while driving; and reach Mekong delta in around 2.5 hours. You will board a long-tail cruise to get along the river with floating houses, small size factories on 2 sides of the river. The boat then is steered to fruit gardens where you will try these tasty and juicy fruits. Carry on to another island of the delta to see cottage made products and coconut sweets makings.

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Following the route, you will stop at a local village to interact more and learn about local’s living, culture,life styles and so on. The area is so peaceful comparing to busy Saigon City. You also get on small rowing boat to reach smaller canals for a real observe of the region. After lunch at restaurant, you will turn to the shore and get on our couch bringing you back to hotel in Saigon.

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  • Tour schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • If you love biking to nice routes and wish to reach more pristine areas, please contact us
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  • Air-conditioned transfer
  • Enthusiastic and friendly tour guide
  • Boat trip mentioned in program
  • A lunch at local restaurant in Mekong region
  • Fruit tasting during the tour
  • Bottles on water on bus
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  • Beverage, tips and gratuities
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