Why traveling to Vietnam?

Vietnam is impressed by the stunning natural landscapes of captivating rain-forest and valleys, peaceful rural villages and pristine white sand beaches. The country is also rich in culture as well as ethnic minorities where is distributed regionally depending on the topography and historical formation. It has been nearly 4 decades that the war came to an end, the country is developing fully in all sectors including tourism. Last but not least, Vietnam traditional cuisine is among the finest one in South-East Asia region.


Quick Facts

Area: ~330,000 square km

Population: ~96.4 millions (Dec 2018)

Language: Vietnamese

Time zone: GMT + 7hrs 

Biggest & most developed cities: Ho Chi Minh (ranked 1st, Southern Vietnam), Hanoi (ranked 2nd; The Capital of Vietnam)

Religion practicing: Buddhism (75%), Catholics (7%), Cao Dai (2%), Hoa Hao (2%), etc.

Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)

Exchange rates: USD 1 = 23 198 VND

EUR 1 = 26 518 VND 

GBP 1 = 29 567 VND

AUD 1 = 16545 VND

Public Holidays:

  • New Year Jan 1
  • Hung King’s death memorials: Mar 10 (Lunar calendar)
  • The Independence of Southern Vietnam: April 30
  • Labor Day: May 1
  • Vietnam Independent Day: Sep 2n
  • Lunar New Year: Dec 29 – Feb 5 (Lunar calendar; the dates are flexible year on year)

Vietnam Visa

Which nationalities don’t need Vietnam Visa?

+ Chile: Maximum stay of 90 days

+ Thailand, Indonesian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Cambodian & Laos can stay in Vietnam up to 30 days without visa required

+ Pilipino can stay in Vietnam up to 21 days without visa required 

+ French, German, Spanish, British, South Korean, Japanese, Russian, Scandinavian countries, Belarus, Denmark, Finland, could stay in Vietnam up to 15 days without visa required
+ Bruneian, Burmese: Stay in Vietnam up to 14 days

Which nationalities can proceed Vietnam E-Visa?

Argentina, Armenian, Australian, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bruney, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Timor Leste, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela.

If you are not listed above? Nationalities are required Vietnam visa

You need to arrange the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter via a travel agency; and surely Bonzer Holidays & Travel can assist you well.

Procedures to get Vietnam Visa Letter:

Send us your passport scans and your arrival/departure flight schedules. Bonzer Holidays & Travel will work on it for your (normal process takes 5 -7 working days); and sending over to you the letter along with a NA1 Visa Forms. You should have it filled up by your arrival and submit the Visa Authorization Letter, NA1 Form and 01 passport size photo of yours at the Immigration Desk and obtain Vietnam visa. 

Our services are available with single entry, multiple entries at different costs depending on different situations such as normal or sensitive nationalities. The Visa Stamping fee according will be different:

Vietnam Visa Stamping fee

  • USD 25 for 01-month, single entry
  • USD 50 for 01-month, multiple entries
  • USD 25 for 03-months, single entry
  • USD 50 for 03-months, multiple entries
  • USD 95 for 06-months, multiple entries
  • USD 135 for 01-year, multiple entries

Vietnam visa for stay in Phu Quoc Island only?

Foreigners or Vietnamese with foreign passports have permission to stay on the island of maximum stay 30 days without visa

Best time to travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is divided into three main regions: Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam with significant differences in climate characters.

Northern Vietnam

  • Best time to visit Northern Vietnam is September to December with sunny weather, soft sun beams, low humidity and mild temperature from 20°C – 30°C; the next one is period from Mar – May with sunny weather, low humidity, moderate temperature from 25°C – 35°C
  • Hot season: From May – July with temperature from 28°C – 40°C, plus the humidity is much higher than other months of the year.
  • Rainy season: From July – Sep 

Central Vietnam

  • Best time to visit central Vietnam is Mar – May when the weather is sunny, and the temperature is moderate from 25°C – 35°C
  • Monsoon season: Oct – Dec; the temperature is cooler from 15°C – 29°C; but the storms hit the area a couple of times per year.
  • Cold season: Jan – Mar with temperature from 18°C – 25°C
  • Hot season: May – Sep with higher humidity and temperature from 25°C – 38°C

Southern Vietnam

As a sub-tropical area, the weather in southern Vietnam is divided into 2 main seasons:

  • Best time to visit southern Vietnam is dried season Nov – April with average temperature from 28°C – 23°C; low humidity, less rain and sunny weather.
  • The other is rainy season from May – Oct with same rage of temperature from 28°– 23°C but offers light rains; the rain is more frequent from Jun – Aug.

Beach Climate

Southern Vietnam beaches’ climate: 

Best time for beach stay in Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island, Phan Thiet Beach, Vung Tau Beach is from Nov – April with moderate temperature from from 23°C – 32°C. 

Risky season for beach stay in southern Vietnam is Jun – Sep with heavy rains

Central coast Vietnam beaches’ climate

+ Best time for Nha Trang is Mar – May with ideal and sunny weather and nice temperature from 23°C – 32°

The rest time of the year is rainy season.

+ Best time for Da Nang beaches and Hoi An beach is from Mar – May


Public bus

With very reasonable costs of USD 0.5 for a route in city

The bus networks in Vietnam are well organized and developed. You can travel from ward to ward within the urban area, district to district within a province, from urban to rural and so on by bus.

The only inconveniences that you have to identify the departing and finishing stations as well as the schedule and language barrier. The transfer should be estimated in hour but not kilometer.

 Moto taxi

Motorbike drivers are available here and there, at the sidewalk nearby street intersections, outer of bus and train stations. Our advices for you is negotiate so that you aren’t overcharged; then ask for a helmet if the driver don’t offer you somehow.


Legally, foreign tourist without international licenses are not permitted to ride the motorbike at their own. Despite of this fact, many agencies or suppliers still provide motorbike for rent. As the traffic is quite dense, you should protect your selves first with helmets, and other possible protections. There are choices of automatic, semi-automatic, electric motorbike


To avoid any risk of heavy traffic as you don’t understand local driving style well, you can choose the bicycle to ride slowly and see the streets. 


Could be considered as a secured option for long travel distance. Depending on the budget and commuting distance, there are choices of hard seat, soft seat, soft bunk.

In tourism, if you only wish to experience how the local train is, we’d suggest you take the nearly 3.5 hours train from Hue to Da Nang. This train travel very close to the coastline to get through Hai Van Tunnels which offers an amazing landscape. For a saving budget, the tourists could try night train between Hanoi – Sapa or Hanoi – Hue.


Car renting in Vietnam for own driving is not allowed. But you can get a car and hire a driver for group travel and family trip.


Could be the most convenient transportation which help save your time significantly. The amenities are better than some of others. 

Vietnam Dos and Don’ts

  • Due to different titles in social and family relations, Vietnamese do care on the age and appreciated the ask on their age.
  • To take photos of the locals, you should ask for their permission, especially on the mountainous region when the customs are more backward
  • Smiling will help in many cases such as shopping, bargaining, etc.
  • No caps or hats in the holy area like pagodas and temples
  • Don’t tap the bowl/plate by the chopsticks as it gestures a funeral ritual

Advices on physical health

  • Get your body hydrated well daily (02 liters per day)
  • Tap Water are so ensured of good quality. Bottled ones are highly recommended
  • Say no to unpeel fruits and raw vegetables
  • Believe in your gut situation
  • Have a careful check to street vendor

Before you leave

The first and foremost one is to assure your passport is 6 months validated. Then, plan on medical, baggage and insurances. Have a check on vaccinations and medicines is important. 

Outfits/pullover for the cool weather in the evening. 

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet


Beach Leisure/ Sand Dunes/ Water Sport


Phan Thiet Location

Phan Thiet is the city of Binh Thuan Province – a coastal province in the southern part of Vietnam locating 215km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Phan Thiet topography is featured by low mountain terrain, rivers, sand dunes and sea. The city is renowned with fishing products especially fish sauce, dragon fruits and tourism thanks to the coastline ringed up to 54km.

With the advantages of distance which could be reached easily by 4.5 – 5 hours driving by land or by train, the nature of pristine beaches and sand dunes, and good accommodations, Phan Thiet is a priority for short escape trip with moderate budget.

Phan Thiet Weather

Situated in the tropical zone, Phan Thiet offers nice weather with lots of wind and sunlight year-round. It’s seldom with storm and no hoar frost. The average temperature is around 27°C. The weather is divided into 02 main seasons: rainy (from May to Oct) and dry (from Nov to April).


Phan Thiet Beaches

Famous beaches to call out for ideal beach leisure are: Mui Ne, Ham Tien, Ke Ga. Ham Tien could be said to be the most central area with nice beach, nice ocean front resorts, restaurants and shops. The travellers could get around day and night when staying here.

Ke Ga is a cape located approximate 35km to the south-east of Phan Thiet. The visitors will able to marvel the crystal blue water, definite pristine beach and take an insight on rural life. Besides, the place is reminded with the Ke Ga light house – the oldest one in Vietnam built up in 1899, at 65m. It is on an island and opened for public visit now. There are low cost but less choice of accommodations than Mui Ne.


Mui Ne is a cape of isolated area with 10km pristine white sand beaches. It is sited around 8km from Ham Tien and 20km from Phan Thiet City. Mui Ne is the best choice for beach getaway. The water is calm and warm which is perfect for swimming. There are lovely resorts with ocean front villas and sea view rooms. Plus, from Nov to Mar, the sunny weather and sea breeze here make it wonderful to kite and wind surf.


How to get to Phan Thiet?

  • By land transfer from 4.5 – 5 hours. En route, there are nice spots to stop and explore like Ta Cu Mountain, Dragon fields, Phan Thiet central market, etc.

  • By 04 hour train to Phan Thiet (01 per day) then you have the land drive to Mui Ne. Otherwise, take 3.5 hour train to reach Binh Thuan station with more choices of timetable (40kmwhere you need to have transportation and travel to the beach



Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City Arrival

Transfer to Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City!

Upon your arrival at Tan Son Nhat Airport, you are welcomed by the local tour guide and driver and travel to hotel for check-in. Have leisure time till the rest of the day.

Meals included: NA
Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Note: Hotel standard check-in time is 14:00

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City – Mui Ne

Land Drive From Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne

After check-out, you will travel by private transportation with escort tour guide to Mui Ne.

Upon your arrival, check-in hotel and have leisure time at leisure.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Mui Ne

Note on driving hour from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne: 235km – 4.5 – 5 hours

Day 3 + 4: Mui Ne At Leisure

Enjoy beach leisure in Mui Ne Beach

Breakfast at hotel. Stay at leisure today.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Mui Ne

Remarks: Transfer and tour guide are not included today


Day 5: Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh City

Mui Ne – Drive back to Ho Chi Minh City

After check-out, you will travel back to Ho Chi Minh City. Upon your arrival, check-in hotel and stay at leisure.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Note on driving hour from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh City: 235km – 4.5 – 5 hours

Day 6: Ho Chi Minh City Departure

Leaving Ho Chi Minh City!

At good time, you are greeted by local tour guide and driver and travel to airport for your outbound flight.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: NA

Note: Hotel is at your disposal till 12:00 only


Hoi An

Hoi An


Hoi An Ancient Town/ Beach Relaxation


Hoi An Beaches

Beaches in Hoi An are not impressed by the comfortably soft sand and not stunningly isolated as the others like Phu Quoc Island or Con Dao Island; but it is enticing by the calm and quite atmosphere.

Famous beaches in Hoi An could be named:

  • Cua Dai Beach
  • An Bang Beach
  • Ha My Beach 

Things to do in Hoi An town:

Additionally, the travellers could combine with bunch of sightseeing here without long hour driving or taking a flight. These activities could be named as:

+ The grace of Ancient Town

+ Scuba diving or snorkeling in Cham Island

+ My Son Sanctuary offering rich culture of once graciously developed

+ Visit fishing village with adventure on bamboo basket boat

+ Hue Heritage city

+ Bach Ma National Park

+ Da Nang City with Marble Mountains, Cham Museum, Ba Na Hill, Son Tra Peninsula, etc.


Hoi An Weather:

The weather in Hoi An is warm mostly of the year with average temperature of 29 o C. It feature rainy (Sep – Jan) and dry seasons (Feb – Aug). Mar – Jun is most ideal for beach leisure in Hoi An with moderately warm temperature, dry atmosphere and sunny days.


How to get to Hoi An Town?

  • Fly to Da Nang International Airport (25 km from Hoi An Center) from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap, etc. then drive to the town

  • Take night train to Da Nang City and then drive to Hoi An.



Day 1: Hoi An Arrival

Getting to Hoi An!

Upon your arrival at Da Nang Airport, you are welcomed by the local tour guide and driver and travel to hotel for check-in. Have leisure time till the rest of the day.

Meals included: NA
Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An

Day 2: Hoi An Ancient Town – Tra Que Vegetable Village or Hoi An Fishing Village

This morning, there are 02 suggested itineraries for your consideration: Visit Tra Que Vegetable Village or Cam Thanh Fishing Village

Visit Tra Que Vegetable Village – Hoi An

Jump on the bicycle and take leisure drive to the peaceful countryside area of Hoi An. When reaching a local house in Tra Que Village, you are welcomed by the hospitable local villagers owning hecta field of vegetable planted with bunches of herbs which make up the diversified and unique Vietnam cuisine. You will walk around to visit the field, join the farming work, harvest the vegetable, have a short course making local cake and enjoy the freshest and healthiest dish here. Following, you are served with more food prepared with the vegetable here for lunch. After the lunch you will enjoy the foot massage and take a nap on the hammock.

Visit Hoi An Fishing Village – Cam Thanh

This morning, you will travel to Cam Thanh fishing village and begin the journey exploring the local life. You are greeted with welcome drink, water and snack and then board the bamboo basket boat. You will learn about the Cam Thanh River, the lifestyle of the fishermen, and paddle the local boat yourself. You also can learn the local net casting styles. Lately, you will enter the water-coconut forest and immense further with the waterways. Return to the local house to cook lunch of fresh food. After lunch, if you are interested, you can participate in and learn more about the local fish catching ways.

It’s optional to get back to your hotel for a short break. This afternoon, you will explore the Hoi An atmospheric town with Japanese merchant houses and Chinese Religious Temples, Vietnamese traditional handicraft house and so on. At the end of the day, you will stop at a cozy and lovely local café to sip some tea or coffee as the merchants residing here used to custom for times.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An

Day 3 + 4: Beach Leisure

Beach leisure in Hoi An

After breakfast at hotel, you will have free time relaxing on the beach or enjoy the hotel pool.

Meals included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An

Day 5: Hoi An Departure

Transfer to Da Nang Airport!

Breakfast at hotel. At appointed time, you are greeted by the local tour guide and driver and travel to Da Nang Airport for your departure flight.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: NA


Con Dao

Con Dao


Vietnam Beach Packages


Location of Con Dao Island:

Located 80km from the mainland Mekong Delta region and 230km from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Con Dao a tropical paradise of 16 islands is now the best escape place in Vietnam. Plus, the place is renowned as a notorious colonial penal jail – Poulo Condore capturing political crime, then called “Tiger Cages” in the following years when the southern Vietnam government imprisoned regime opponents.


Con Dao Island Beaches!

Naturally, Con Dao is admired by its breathtaking isolated sandy beaches, colorful and variable coral reefs, and the biodiversity when being covered by the tropical forest. Marco Polo, an Italian merchant, explorer and writer of the 13thcentury did called by.

Con Dao Island Beaches could be named:

  • An Hai Beach – on Con Son Island
  • Lo Voi Beach
  • Ong Dung Beach
  • Bai Day Beach….

Weather in Con Dao Island!

The climate here is distinguishably divided into 02 seasons rainy (from May to Nov; August and September are with highest rainfall) and dry (from Dec to Apr; with cool temperature on average at 27°C)


How to get to Con Dao Island?

  • Take around 01 hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho operated by Vietnam Airlines

  • Board overnight ferry from Vung Tau Port which takes appropriate 12 hours leaving at 05pm



Day 1: Con Dao Arrival

Fly to Con Dao Island!

Upon your arrival in Con Dao, you are welcomed by the driver and travel to hotel for check-in. The rest of the day is at your own leisure.

Meals included: NA
Accommodation: Hotel in Con Dao
Note: Hotel check-in time is 14:00

Day 2+3: Con Dao Beach Leisure

Enjoy Con Dao Island!

After breakfast at hotel you will have free time at your own to chill-out on the beach or enjoy the property.

Meals included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel in Con Dao

Day 4: Con Dao Departure

Fly out of Con Dao Island!

Breakfast at hotel. At leisure till time transfer to airport for your departure flight.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: NA


Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island Tour

Phu Quoc Island offers the most pristine beaches in Vietnam

About Phu Quoc Island

Location of Phu Quoc Island

Located in Kien Giang Province, a southern Province of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Country is right in the Gulf of Thailand. Phu Quoc spans 574 square kilometers and is a cluster of 28 islands of which mostly are untapped and with no inhabitation


Phu Quoc Island Beaches:

Featuring idyllic and pristine beaches of soft white classy sand, the islands here are among the most beautiful beaches in the world offering romantic sun-sets and ideal place to unwind. Plus, it’s also impressed by the evergreen and serene atmosphere since half of the island is covered by the jungle.

There are many options beaches on Phu Quoc Islands:

  • Long Beach
  • Ong Lang Beach
  • Bai Sao Beach
  • Ganh Dau Beach
  • Dai Beach….


Phu Quoc Island Weather

With the average temperature of around 27 Celsius Degree (highest ones are from 33 – 37 Celsius Degree) and long sunshine hours, Phu Quoc is perfect escape for those seeking for the heat. Best time to visit Phu Quoc is from Nov to Mar. The rest months are with higher rainfall, but still with lovely and sunshine days.

Last but not least, to say about Phu Quoc, it’s pretty small that the travellers could stroll around in about an hour by scooter. Getting lost here is truly a challenge!


How to get to Phu Quoc Island?

  • Direct internal flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Can Tho, Rach Gia

  • Ferry from Ha Tien or from Rach Gia



Day 1: Phu Quoc Arrival

Flight to Phu Quoc Island!

Upon your arrival at the Phu Quoc International Airport, greeted by the local driver/ or resort’s shuttle bus if available, and travel to resort for check-in. The rest of the day is at your own leisure.

Meals included: NA
Accommodation: Hotel in Phu Quoc
Note: Hotel check-in time is 14:00

Day 2 + Day 3 + Day 4: Phu Quoc Free At Leisure

Phu Quoc Island Beach Leisure!

After breakfast at hotel, you have free time at your own to chill-out at resort, enjoy beach leisure or discovering the town.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Phu Quoc

Day 5: Phu Quoc Departure

Flight out of Phu Quoc Island!

After check out, you will travel to Phu Quoc International Airport by private car/ or resort’s shuttle bus if available for your outbound departure.

Meals included: Breakfast
Accommodation: NA
Note: Hotel check-out time is 12:00



Vietnam – Cambodia Highlights 10 days – 9 nights

Vietnam – Cambodia Highlights 10 days – 9 nights


Hanoi / Ha Long Bay/ Ho Chi Minh City / Mekong Delta / Siem Reap


An introduction to the best places of Vietnam (Hanoi, Ha Long, Ho Chi Minh City) and Cambodia (Siem Reap) for your very first by impressive experiences.


  • Discover Vietnam’s rich culture from the north to the south

  • Be amazed by the breathtaking nature or forget the time going by when in peaceful villages

  • Have great local interactions: drink their drinks, eat with chopstick as they do every day and use the boat ridden by them.

  • Getting lost in the mysterious Angkor Temples which have been covered secretly by the jungle till late 20 century that found out by a French adventure explorer.


Vietnam Cambodia – 10 Days / 9 Nights


Flight to Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital with rich values of culture, culinary and history! Upon your arrival at Noi Bai Airport, you are greeted by your tour guide and travel to hotel in city center for check-in.
Stay at leisure till the rest of the day for refreshment.

Meals included: None
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi
Remark: Hotel standard check-in time is 02:00pm. Early check-in is based on room availability.

Optional Activity: Are you a food lover? Don’t hesitate to book: Hanoi Street Food Tour.


Hanoi City Full Day

After breakfast at hotel, you will delve into the marvelous city tour discovering Hanoi. You will begin with the Tran Quoc Pagoda sited at the peninsula on West Lake – the biggest lake in Hanoi (around 5.3sqm). Apart from its remarkable location, Tran Quoc Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Vietnam. You will find the solemn ambience and peaceful feeling when staying here, especially in the morning with fresh air.
Moving on to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum sited right at the Ba Dinh Square where preserves Ho Chi Minh President’s embalmed body by technique of Soviet Union. Nearby the mausoleum, you also have chance to visit Ho Chi Minh’s house-on-stilts where he stayed at the last eleven years of his life; and the President Palace where still is functioned for politic receives and working place of the incumbent leader.

Thereupon, let’s stop at a local restaurant and have delicious lunch of authentic dishes of Vietnam and Hanoi.

After the lunch, you then will discover Hanoi Old Quarter by strolling around the matrix of small but crowded alleys and streets. The place used to the busiest commercial hub between Vietnamese and Chinese traders which made every single street’s names unique and typical by one meaning. The tour guide will help you break the mysteries here. During the walking tour, you will stop at a local café for a cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee (Nau da – Iced coffee/ Ca phe trung  – Egg Coffee or Tra da – Vietnamese iced tea, etc.)

When you are refilled after the walk, let’s carry on exploring the last one: Temple of Literature built since 1070 well-known as the first university of Vietnam. Finish the trip; you will travel back to hotel.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi
Remarks: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is closed every Monday and Friday (exterior visit only).

Optional Activity: Below cultural shows are recommended for your further understand of Vietnamese cultures:

  • Water Puppet Show (with private round trip transfer & tour guide)
  • My Village Show (with private round trip transfer; no tour guide)

Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

After breakfast at hotel, you will check-out the rooms and travel to Ha Long Bay passing the Red River Delta of villages and towns. En route, you will have chance to contemplate further scenes of Vietnam beside the hustle and bustle city Hanoi such as factories, rivers, plantations, rice fields, buffalos, etc.

After around 3.5 hours, you will reach the marina harbor and embark the cruise and set the sails toward captivating Ha Long Bay with thousands karst islands merging up from the ocean. The sails will takes a couple of hours till you reach the center for activities like kayaking in the lagoon and visiting the cave.

In the evening, the boat will anchor down for overnight. You are free on board at night.

Recommendation: relaxing on the sundeck, going fishing for squid by local fishing rods, playing games available on board.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Accommodation: Overnight on the junk
Remarks: Driving distance – 170km (2.5 hours) 


Morning Tai Chi on Halong Bay

For morning risers, you are encouraged to wake up early at around 6:00am to practice the Tai Chi exercise on the top deck with the master on board.

After your breakfast, you will have time to go swimming on the Titop Island and walking up to the peak for Ha Long Panorama view. Then, you will get back to the main land. Spend your last time to enjoy the fantastic scenes of Ha Long Bay. You will check out, and have lunch/ or brunch then.

At noon, disembark the boat and travel back to Hanoi. En route, you will head directly to the Noi Bai Airport and board the domestic flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

Upon you arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, welcomed by the local tour guide and driver and travel to hotel in city center for check-in.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch/ or brunch
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi
Note: The schedule order might change slightly depending on chosen cruise (as hereinafter)


Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City Day Trip

After breakfast at hotel, you will travel to Cu Chi Tunnels which most of lie deep down to the ground for very interesting and detail information about Vietnam War.

Finishing the exploration, you will get back to the city center for lunch. After lunch, you will visit main symbolic sites of the Ho Chi Minh City including War Remnant Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Post Office, Reunification Palace and Nguyen Hue Street.

This evening is at your leisure.

Meals included:  Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Driving distance: 75km from Ho Chi Minh City – Cu Chi Tunnels (1.5 – 2 hours)


Mekong Delta Boat Trip

After breakfast at hotel, you will depart to the south of city reaching Mekong delta regions. The amazing trip will bring to you most authentic experiences of the countryside, fruity orchids and local floating inhabitants.

You will travel to Ben Tre – famous and hometown of coconuts, and reach the Phong Nam Pier to board a boat along An Hoa River for further exploration with stops to visit the brick kiln, handicrafts and coconut candies making workshop.

Next have a Vietnamese tuk tuk ride passing coconut and fruit plantations. You then will stop for lunch at a local house sited nearby the river. After lunch, you will have time relaxing on the hammock or walk around and see the fruit orchids.

Thereupon, get on the sampan row and then motor-boat to return to mainland where your driver is awaited. Travel back to Ho Chi Minh City; and you will reach the hotel this late afternoon.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Driving distance: 90km – 2 hours


Fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap

You will have breakfast at hotel and have leisure time at your own for shopping or getting around the town. After check-out, your tour guide and driver will greet you at hotel lobby and travel to Tan Son Nhat Airport for your departure to Siem Reap.

Welcome to Siem Reap!

You are greeted by your local driver and tour guide and travel to hotel for check-in. Have free time at leisure till the rest of the day.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Siem Reap


Angkor Temple One Day Trip

This morning, you will travel through the greenish forest to enter the Angkor complex. Let’s begin with Angkor Wat – the biggest temple of the area, built in 12th century.

This afternoon, you will enter the Angkor Thom via the south gate. The first one comes out is Bayon Temple of 54 pillars topped by four facet stone heads. Then Bakheng Temples, Terraces of Elephants, etc. Finish the day at Ta Prohm Temple called “Tomb Raider Temple” which is swallowed by the huge trees’ roots.

Meals included: Breakfast
Accommodation: Hotel in Siem Reap


Tonle Sap Boat Trip

This morning you will drive around 40 km (01 hour) to the Tonle Sap Lake to visit the floating village by boat ride to learn more about the livings of the local people. Return to Siem Reap at late noon.

This evening, transfer to see the show Phare – The Cambodian Circus. Cambodian cultural stories will be told by the creative combination of theater, music, dance and circus arts.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: Hotel in Siem Reap


Flight out Siem Reap

After check-out, travel to airport with tour guide and driver for your outbound flight.

Meals included: Breakfast

Accommodation: NA

Remarks: Hotel check-out time is 12:00



City3 Star4 Star5 Star
HanoiMedallion Hanoi
Classic room
May De Ville Old Quarter
Deluxe room
Melia Hanoi
Deluxe room
Ha LongV’ Sprit Cruise
Deluxe cabin
Grayline Cruise
Superior cabin
Pelican Cruise
Deluxe cabin
Ho Chi MinhAsian Ruby Select
Deluxe room
Harmony Hotel
Deluxe room
Grand Hotel
Deluxe room
Siem ReapLotus Blanc Angkor
Superior room
The Aviary
Tailorbird Standard
Heritage Suite
Bungalow Suite


  • Accommodations with daily breakfast

  • Private air-conditioned transfer

  • Professional local English speaking tour guide

  • Meals mentioned in program

  • Entrance fees

  • 02 bottles of water (500ml each) per person per full day tour


  • Vietnam visa authorization letter/ stamping fee

  • Food/beverage not mentioned in program

  • International and domestic air-fares

  • Tips & gratuities

  • Services not mentioned in program