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Bonzer Tour is a navy expert of Indochina Traveling, especially Vietnam. Understanding the worries of the travelers when step into a new country with different cultural background and beliefs leading to unfamiliarity in points of views, lifestyle and customs, our team are eager to assist with your journey to Asia by customizing the program to adapt to your interests, consulting and updating you with the latest information of the landscape as well as local experiences.

We are a passionate and devoted team; focus on the consultancies and customize trip for groups of friends, couples, solo travelers, students, honeymooners and so on. What you should do is drop us a message and list out if you are looking for like culture, nature, adventure, beach leisure, luxury travel, culinary, active biking, trekking, etc. We certainly respond as prompt as possible with proposed ideas.

Bonzer Tour team are always confident and promise to give you a competitive pricing for an affordable package so that you could both sightsee the attractions and gain unforgettable memories.

Our philosophy is to creatively bring the authentic and stunning experiences to our guests which might or might not be found online; and try to insert as much interesting and excellent services for the clients as possible. We effortlessly continue sharing and introducing things that we know to you and help you not alone during your trip with us.

As our slogan, just hit the road, you will travel highways and byways with us.

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Complete Vietnam 10 days – 9 Nights
Vietnam – Cambdia Highlights 10 Days – 9 Nights
Highlights of Vietnam 7 days – 6 Nights
Best of Laos 4 days – 3 nights
Impressive Northern Vietnam 4 Days – 3 Nights
Indochina Bird Watching
Irresistible Southern Vietnam 4 Days – 3 Nights
Unlocking Ankor Temples 4 days – 3 nights


10 Best Temples to visit in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in the Indochina area comprising Vietnam Laos Cambodia. This country has surpassed vigorous historical and religious eventswhich partly cause its backward. The local life standard is much improved these days, though the vicious past's evidences...

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Luang Prabang – A Southeast Asian Wonder

Luang Prabang - ancient capital of Laos Situating at the confluence of Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers, Luang Prabang offers greatness of culture, peacefuness and pristine religion. The city is a atmospheric pot of Laos and French architecture as well as culture making the...

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Four must-see waterfalls in Laos

Waterfalls are abundant in the nation of Laos. However, your Laos Tours can be complete without having a satisfying view of these wonders of nature. Some of these waterfalls double as swimming pools, but you should be sure to show some respect to local culture when...

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What make Hue stunned and unmissable?

In another sharing of us, you are introduced with the most oustanding attractions of Hue in  Hue - The mosaic perfects your Vietnam heritage journey. To enhance to the idea, there are escapes in Hue that make the destination truly unique and worth a venture. And here...

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